Enjoy Your Meal

Chef’s Boutique is a meal prep delivery service with a twist. We believe everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food, which is why everything we create is organic and completely fresh.

Fresh Ingredients

We use freshly grown ingredients to prepare tasty and healthy meals that are packed with whole lot of nutritional value.

Home Cooked

Our meals are completely homemade. Prepared hygienically with utmost care and perfection to relish your taste buds.

Free Delivery

We offer fast and hassle-free delivery of your delicious and home cooked meals to your home or office address for free.

Vegetarian Food

We encourage a plant based food habit. You can choose from a variety of healthy plant based food options from our extensive la carte menu.

Pick Your Meal Delivery Subscription

Reliable Food Delivery to Your Door

We delight you with a fast and on-time delivery of your tasty and healthy food so that you can enjoy your meals the most.

Easy to Order

Order online from our flexible, pre-made meal subscription plans, or pick and choose from our varying a la carte menu. Whatever suits you best !

Affordable & Green

Our standard meal plans average out at just ₹200 per meal. We also use eco-friendly packaging & locally-sourced ingredients to cut our carbon footprint.

Free Shipping

Select whether you’d like your delicious meals shipped to your home or dropped off at the office. You choose, we deliver (always fresh & never frozen).

Ready to Eat

Our pre-made meals are perfect for you to grab-and-go if you’re short of time, or to dine in and savour from the comfort of your own home.




Delivered Fresh

Low Fat

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